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E.GG is a Filipino hip hop artist born and raised in Winnipeg’s West End. A B-boy by nature and a barber by trade E.GG began dabbling in rap in high school. It wasn’t until some improvised records with original production from BBS Steve and collaboration with Dolla Dill lead the three emcees to form 3PEAT and drop the 3PEAT EP in 2016 that E.GG began taking things seriously. 

E.GG’s debut project, Alverstone, followed two months later and introduced the introspective and diligent wordsmith as a solo artist to be reckoned with. Affectionately named after the street he grew up, Alverstone on serves as an ode to the working class immigrant neighbourhood known as the West End. 

Following up Alverstone in quick succession with EST. 1873 (2017) Smoke & Mirrors (2018) and E.GG (2019). E.GG’s sound has grown to embrace his soulful RnB tendencies and meld them together with his penchant for eloquent wordplay. 

Imagine Nas with the groove of Anderson Paak and that might help paint the aural picture. That smooth bite of Hennessey on the rocks that encapsulates E.GG’s flavour. 

E.GG resides in Toronto, ON and is continuing to explore his sound, releasing Saving Grace (2019) to mark that transition and collaborating with Deadmen and Winnipeg powerhouse Begonia

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