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Missy D is a bilingual Hip Hop, Rap & Soul Artist who makes music as therapy, to express feelings, share a message and connect with listeners. It is a fusion of sounds of her childhood from French melodies to R&B, soul, jazz, hip hop and rap legends. It’s all for the culture and for us. She wants to speak for them, sing for them, and empower folks with love and music.

If you don't know now you know - Missy D. This femcee has been rapping since she was 11 years old in French and English from the 3 corners of the motherland (Rwanda, Côte d’Ivoire, Zimbabwe).  You will hear the sounds of MC Solaar, Diams, Erykah Badu, India Arie, J.Cole, Missy Elliott and Lauryn Hill echoing through her voice. On March 20, 2020, Missy D dropped her second EP entitled “Yes Mama” following her journey through grief as the world went into lockdown.  After having to cancel the release party, Missy D dropped a music video for her song, Yes Mama available on YouTube. Rest assured Missy D has more new music coming, with a brand new French EP, Case Départ, coming in the Spring. She will have you catching too many feelings as she embraces diversity in instrumentals, music, and most of all people! 

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