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Billy was born and raised in Manigotagan which at the time was an isolated community on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. At the age of 13 Billy won a talent contest on a popular Winnipeg radio station. After that Billy went to a residential school in northern Manitoba, got his grade 12, and went to University. In 1980 Billy released his first LP and had songs charting across Canadian country radio. At the same time he had a song of his "Lonely Lady" recorded by Red Wine. He has since written songs that have been recorded by Kimberley Dawn, David St. Germain , Ray St. Germain , and Donna Henry. He released songs with his company Ki-Keek music to radio stations everywhere for many Manitoba recording artists. He won MACA songwriter of the year, won in the first Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards in Toronto, and has been inducted into the Manitoba Aboriginal Music Hall of Fame

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