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Mariel Buckley

Everywhere I Used to Be (Deluxe)

Everywhere I Used to Be (Deluxe)

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With her debut album and thousands of miles under her belt, Buckley looks to turn country/folk music on its head, with her follow-up album, Everywhere I Used To Be [2022]. Anchored by the haunting whine of the pedal steel, rounded out by heavy synth pads and produced by Marcus Paquin (The Weather Station, The Barr Brothers, Arcade Fire, The National), the resulting collection is a driving, swooning, toe-tapping catharsis; sealed and delivered by Buckley’s signature crooning brand of angst-ridden alt-folk.

Buckley and Paquin made an intentional move towards decidedly pop/contemporary production, and quickly found themselves in a daily rhythm of deconstructing and rebuilding each song to find its full potential. Backed by some of Canada’s finest session musicians, their collective efforts are showcased with abundant heart, and skillful flourishes while respecting the space necessary for the songs to speak.

The deluxe edition of Everywhere I Used To Be includes two new songs:


1. Neon Blue 
2. Whatever Helps You 
3. Going Nowhere
4. Driving Around 
5. Hate This Town 
6. Love A'int Enough 
7. Everywhere I Used to Be
8. Shooting at the Moon 
9. Horse Named Nothing 
10. Let You Down
11. Prairie Town Dreams (Bonus Track)
12. Sad All the Time (Bonus Track)

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