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The Marigold EP

The Marigold EP

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"Marigold is basically a short story about my teenage life. A passing reflection that has confirmed for me that all the questions and uncertainties I had as a kid, have value. I think It's the shortest song I've ever written yet it always felt like such a big song to me. Sharing parts of myself that I haven't really shared in my music before...mainly the relationship I have to my queerness and my loss of religion. I think subconsciously part of me kept it so short because I was a little afraid of it. Once the album was mastered I had a panic and felt like I had to send a mass email to any person that knew me before like "to whom it may concern, I am not straight and I don't believe in the same God anymore. We good?" haha I can't fully describe it but it was like I had a fear of being "exposed" or people questioning me or being disappointed in me. I don't love that I felt that way but it's the truth.  A song ALWAYS takes on a new meaning to me once we play it live and so we started playing it on tour and all my fears melted away. I watched people singing (and sometimes screaming) the lyrics back to me every night and it lit up something in my brain and my heart honestly. The more I sang it the more I felt like I could say more, I wanted to say more. That I feel so lucky be accepted and loved by all of you special people and that the takeaway is more like...puberty is fucked, life can be fucked but in spite of it all flowers keep growing and so do we."

1. Marigold (Extended)
2. Marigold
3. Marigold (deadmen Remix)
4. Marigold (SUN SUN Remix)
5. Marigold (MA.BWE Remix)

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