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Yarrow Lover EP

Yarrow Lover EP

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Yarrow Lover

A hush sweeps across Turtle Island. Birds flock to perch on towering maples and the waving prairie grasses still. There is a name upon the tongue of every creature from the elk to the shrew. FONTINE. A gust of wind blows open the shutters of every home and young and old kneel in reverence to the dawn of a new era. FONTINE. Queen of the road, King of the song, FONTINE is here with a brand new EP. 

Co-produced with Kris Ulrich and mixed by Boy Golden, the Yarrow Lover EP was released in February 2023. Taking inspiration from her Nehiyaw Iskwew roots, the natural surroundings of her prairie home, and her musical surroundings in Winnipeg, the EP presents as a beautiful introduction to a powerhouse songwriter and vocalist.

1. Homemaker
2. Yarrow Lover
3. 4AM
4. Fleet Ave.
5. Nature Song for the Time Being
6. This Mess

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